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come for a few hours, a day, a week - whatever you need. 

Recording is really simple. Don't believe the scientists - it boils down to a few key things..

Passion for the process. On my behalf and yours. ​Dont worry - ive been on the receiving end of far too many rubbish recording sessions with couldn't care less engineers, sticky carpets, knackered equipment and ego mad producers to ever dream of putting you through the same! Equally ive been lucky enough to work in some of the best studios with some of the finest engineers and producers and know just what a joy that can be - we will be firmly in this camp. You just need to bring ideas that you believe in / have a hunch about / are curious enough in to want to find out more

Communication. Talking to each other, discussing ideas, finding out the sounds of records that you love, understanding your music, understanding your lyrics, trying out ideas, being free to record everything in 1 take or scrap everything and play it all on a triangle - all this is vital - and great fun. I don't have a triangle.

equipment. I believe very strongly in the quality of equipment used to record your ideas - there are a million cliches, usually about ingredients and cooking, but the fact remains your songs and ideas need the best possible care. That doesn't always mean the newest or shiniest pieces of gear - my studio is full of equipment that brings vibe or excitement to the recording process. Ribbon microphones, tape delays, analogue synths, valve pre-amps, quirky pedals and lovely guitars. have a look at the list.

Do you have some ideas but are unsure about how to turn them into songs? You're in the right place - we can help add drums, guitars, keyboards, bass, horns, help with arrangement, add electronic sounds and samples and remix existing snippets into something new and exciting.

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